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We Remember...URO1 Annabell Clark


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Dec 24, 2004 - Nov 27, 2017

Anna was a beautiful AKC, UKC, and MBDC registered Irish Settler owned by Mary Ruder. Anna started her life as a rescue dog, but would forget her beginnings, and grow to love everyone she meet. This made her an ideal therapy dog. The picture of Anna in the Harley Davison outfit, above, was here first therapy visit as a therapy dog.

Anna's training would be slow and steady, but always forward. Anna would get a couple placements in shows, but she would shine in her next station: Therapy. She could "feel" who needed her most and brought happiness and peace.

In 2017, Anna's health would start to falter. She held on for her owner and the one's that would visit, but evenually the vet would have to help her over the Rainbow Bridge.

Anna will be remember for her love of people and McDonald's hamburgers.