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History of MBDC

The St. Louis Chapter of the Mixed Breed Clubs of America was formed nearly twenty years ago by Kay and Steve Smith, Phyllis Massa, and John and Stephanie Breig. While attending an obendience class as the Humane Society of Missouri with their dogs Pooh Bear, Spurs and Missy, repectively, a dog belonging to another member of the class dies on the operating table of a heart attack. The Veterinarian in attendance said that dog could possibly have been saved had an EKG/Defibrillator been on hand.

This provided to be the impetus for Smith, Massa, and Breig families to organize a fun match for the purpose of raising funds to purchase an EKG and donate it to the Humane Society. With the help of instructors Nancy Kearney and Patti Rea, along with a lot of assistance from the North County Obedience Training Club, the show proved to be a big success.

Two more shows were subsequently held before enough money had been raised to purchase the EKG machine. Then two years and several shows later, a second, portable EKG unit was purchased and donated to the St. Louis County branch of the Humane Society. Through the years the two machines have saved the lives of countless pets and the heartbreak of their owners.