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We Remember...AltCH,URO1,UCA Kantrado's LD Nadi Pure Gold Nugget


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Jan 2008 - Jun 2018

A beautiful boxer owned by Audrey Edwards. Nadi was registered with AKC,UKC and MBDCA. She was gone too soon. But, all furry friends leave us too early. She was everything to her owner at home and as a personal therapy dog. Her owner recalls time when she was hurting or stressed, Nadi would lay to be rubbed and give comfort to her owner. The owner had to retire her from competition since the owners physical abilities had decreased and the owner's granddaughter became tied up with High School. The last outing had been to a Barn Hunt where she did great. But, it was a fun” match.

Nadi was fairly easy to train and remembered it all. Her owner and her would train almost everything daily even if it was only one time on each command. You could not have asked for a better behaved dog at home. This lead to a dog that could be trusted not to raid a counter or table even if we were not home or dash after training.Nadi would be trained to recognize her owners low blood sugar and would wake up her owner when it was low. Nadi's other abilities included supporting and pull her owner up steps, when her legs were weak.

Therapy work at a couple of nursing homes was a source of enjoyment from the rubs and pets. Other places Nadi enjoyed visiting include: bank, post office, drive thrus, etc.She was excellent riding in the car even with windows down she never stuck her head out.

Nadi will be missed. It maybe her owner's second boxer, but she is convinced she loves the breed, but will not be getting another.

Nadi was so much fun. Especially when she was "talking". She made me laugh every day. According to her all our visitors came to see her and not us. Everyone was her friend even the Vet whom she really liked. She developed an cancer lesion on her spine that progressed to her mobility in rear went downhill over the course of the past 6 months. Vet came to the house.

The owner will miss the Therapy visits with her and our time playing in the yard or just watching TV. Audrey still looks for her greeting in the mornings which she did till her last day. Rest in comfort my "baby girl". I'll join you when I can.........