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We Remember...Angelgirl


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Feb 14, 2001 - May 21, 2018

Angel was a beautiful mixed breed owned by Frances Beezley. Angel was already about 11/2 years old when we found each other at the St. Louis City Pound. Her owner took one look at those ears and knew she had to come home with me. She was al- ways very shy, and we had to work hard for her to accept people but after a while , she did. She was always a "Momma's girl".

She was a great "demo dog" for my Rally classes and she helped many a dog pass their CGC test by being the very non-threatening neutral dog. She loved it when the owner would bring home foster puppies and she became and excellent "aunt" to them. They would crawl all over her and chew on her eyes and tail, but she didn't mind

She loved going out on hikes to help find geocaches. When on a long car ride while on vacation she would curl up in the back and just wait for her new adventure.

Frances's life was so enriched by her presence and she will be missed more than be expressed.